My life is a struggle between my need for acceptance, my fear of rejection, and a desire to not care at all.

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malia tate + shorts
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Myers Briggs In 3 Words


INFJ: Anxious, empathetic, paradoxical
ESTP: Spontaneous, charming, logical
INTJ: Anxious, calculated, intrinsic
ESFP: Spontaneous, colorful, friendly
INFP: Intrinsic, intense, quirky
ESTJ: Efficient, determined, traditional
INTP: Ingenious, knowledgable, quirky
ESFJ: Empathetic, dedicated, traditional
ISFJ: Traditional, empathetic, grounded
ENTP: Ingenious, innovative, charming
ISTJ: Traditional, logical, reserved
ENFP: Quirky, gentle, friendly
ISFP: Intrinsic, tasteful, grounded
ENTJ: Efficient, calculated, driven
ISTP: Independent, physical, logical
ENFJ: Empathetic, passionate, driven

Acknowledgments go to my super official colleague deadlyliv

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allison argent could literally step on my face in her boots and i would compliment her on her flawless archery skills and cute dimples and be generally grateful that she deemed me important enough to be stepped on

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Did you see them 
Lying where they died?
Someone used to cradle them
And kiss them when they cried.

Where's that new world now the fighting's done?
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[inhales] [exhales] [looks out into the sunset] the sweet smell of not being in high school

[remembers that i have no idea what i want to do for my future] [continues to stare out into the sunset] shit

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer – “The Mockingjay Lives”

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do you know why feminism has a horrible image?

i’ll let you in on a secret here, it’s because people hate women

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Her boots tore ankle-deep holes into the smooth white surface of the snow, yet made no sound. Sansa drifted past frosted shrubs and thin dark trees, and wondered if she were still dreaming. Drifting snowflakes brushed her face as light as lover’s kisses, and melted on her cheeks. At the center of the garden, beside the statue of the weeping woman that lay broken and half-buried on the ground, she turned her face up to the sky and closed her eyes. She could feel the snow on her lashes, taste it on her lips. It was the taste of Winterfell. The taste of innocence. The taste of dreams. 

Sansa Stark Meme - 10/10 Scenes

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i think it’s about time for a blog revamp. maybe this weekend.

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Meanwhile, Larry actor Jason Biggs and George “Pornstache” Mendez actor Pablo Schrieber will not appear in Season 3.


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my official pros and cons list for ahs: freakshow —

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